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FBC Featured Review

Michael Maxwell


What were your early or initial concerns or objections about Freedom Boat Club?:

I was concerned there may not be a good variety of boats. Not a problem,
there is a great variety of boats and they are always in great shape.


How would you describe your experiences since becoming a member?:
Well, I just finished my first season with Freedom Boat Club of Fort Pierce. I can’t begin to tell everybody how pleased I am. Prior to joining Freedom I was in two separate boat clubs in the area, each one for two seasons. Freedom has them beat hands down. The location is excellent. Right on the Inter Coastal at Fort Pierce City Marina and with great access to the inlet. The dock crew is always friendly, helpful and professional. For the six months I was a member I never had a boat not ready and I never had a boat that was not clean. Finally, both Ann and Don do a terrific job weather it’s planning special events of just keeping things running smoothly.


What has been the biggest surprise about being a member of Freedom Boat Club?:
How well run the operation is. Especially the checking in and out for the boats. It saves a lot of confusion and misunderstanding.


What do you like best about Freedom Boat Club?:
The variety and condition of the boats. 

What would you tell someone who asked for your opinion about Freedom Boat Club?:
Unless you’re going to boat at least three times a week you are much better off joining Freedom Boat Club than owning your own boat.