Meet Matt Our New Membership Executive | Freedom Boat Club

Meet Matt Our New Membership Executive

We’d like to introduce Matt Tilford,  our New Membership Executive of Fort Pierce Freedom
Boat Club.

Matt grew up in central Florida bass fishing, and soon graduated to all the
saltwater species.  As the years went on he developed a passion for boating
and blue water.  He took up scuba diving, including hunting lobster and
spear fishing and has close to a thousand dives off the palm beach coast.
In his free time Matt spent fishing the local waters diving and had the
opportunity to spend his last birthday scuba diving with Hammerhead sharks
in Bimini, thanks to his lovely wife, Jackie.

Matt looks forward to meeting you soon in hopes of helping you enjoy the
passion of boating here in lovely Fort Pierce.

Please call Matt if you need a “pop in” tour, 772-882-8353 option #1 or email him at

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